How To Tighten Face Skin

Finding your face skin sags and drops to your neck is somehow undoubtedly nightmarish. For many women today, this could be their top reason why they get to make money as much as possible. Only with money, they could fund their Botox injection to get rid of the natural occurrences.

But, what if Botox is completely out of your reach? Does it mean that only rich women that can perform such skin tightening medical procedure? It’s obviously no. There’s something any woman can do to tighten their face skin. And the good news is, it’s cheap!

Facial Yoga

It sounds quite rare but it is indeed pretty effective. If you want to keep that tight skin face for as long as possible, you get to try this. But before that, try to remember that it requires consistency and discipline. If not, you may not feel anything improved.

First, in order to improve the look of your eyebags or dropping eyelids, try to perform this ‘V’ yoga. Make that ‘V’ sign by positioning your middle fingers at the inner corner of both your eyebrows, while your index fingers are on the outer corners of your eyebrows.

With your eyes looking up to the ceiling, lift your eyelids and make a strong squint. Repeat it for six times before squeezing your shut eyes for 10 seconds.

Second, which could be the most desired treatment, is about tightening your forehead skin. Instead of doing Botox, consider doing this yoga regularly. Simply spread all your fingers on your forehead and gently sweep them outwards. Repeat it for 10 times.

Similar procedure can be performed to improve the skin of other parts of your face and even neck. Unless you can make it done in routine, any improvement might not be adequately visible.

Nutrition Intake

It goes without saying that what is pictured on the outside is the representation of what you keep inside. That said, tightening your face skin requires your commitment to interfere your external treatment with taking good nutrition for skin.

Vitamin A cream or retinol, vitamin C serum and AHAs or BHAs are highly recommended to be used or consumed regularly. They help moisturizing your skin without clogging skin pores which would instead cause skin issues.

Only if you realize how important and vulnerable your face skin, you are able to find the best treatment procedure to tighten it without harming it.

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