How to exercise your face

 Most women put on makeup to cover lines and even drooping skin on the face, double chin and wrinkles on the forehead – there are many problems that we want to address when it comes to the face. Some may also seek the support of technology, with surgeries, botox, lasers and many other dangerous procedures. But what about exercises for the face to make it younger and stronger looking?

Exercise can tone our muscles in the abs, legs, arm and any part of the body and definitely, it can also tone our facial muscles and lose fat on the face. If you exercise, your facial muscles contract and the blood flow is improved bringing nutrients to the skin, thus it does not only support stronger your muscle on your face, it also provides your skin that glow.

Now here are some exercises to help you get begun with how to exercise your face.

Begin with a little, slight smile. Next, you will need to begin squeezing and gripping your lips closed whilst flexing your neck muscles very strongly for about ten to thirty seconds. Repeat this exercise twenty to thirty times. This face exercise alone will amazingly help you to tighten, firm and tone your face. You might even get addicted to this face exercise, especially when you begin seeing outcomes!

Another technique would involve you simply gripping your head up high and grinning truly hard with your jawline, gripping it strongly, truly feeling your gums against your teeth as your grinning! This might seem like a bad move, but believe me; this jawline exercises truly work for sagging jowls!

Chin – one of the most general issues involving the chin is layers of fat or double chin below your chin or your jaw line. Most often, this is an outcome of being overweight or obese and aside from cardio exercises to help you lose those layers of fat, you can also perform platysma muscle exercises regularly to decrease those layers of fat and stronger the muscles.

Other exercises for the face may involve the jaws, neck and the forehead, the places around the mouth as well as the places around the eyes. Take note through that the neck is an important part of the body because it has delicate nerves on it. Be extra alert when exercising your neck. It is vital that although facial exercises seem to be easy and simple, you have to ensure you are doing it rightly to reject injuries.

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